First off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming by, and if you have downloaded, podcast, bumped, grooved, jived, or in anyway enjoyed my mixes, whether featured here, or you’ve seen me play live, or heard me live via the internet, this thanks is for you.

It is the support (and lack there of) that has been propelling me to continue forward with this project and dream.

Let me clarify a few things so that you can be on the same page as moi.  I recognize and realize there are differences between a DJ, a Disc Jockey, a radio media personality, a jukebox, a Genius (or alternative technology) tool mix and finally a mixologist.  I would classify myself as a mixologist.

Let me define that for you.  A mixologist is someone who isn’t merely beat matching songs continuously, they are following a theme, muse, vibe, or concept.  The songs or compositions and elements they use are to convey a bigger message or meaning than the sum of their individual parts.  Hence the theme of “synergism” within my compositions.

Unfortunately, copyright law and the current legal climate in regards to this art form have not kept up with the creative process, and corporations are rightfully interested in keeping their bottom lines protected, as well as making sure they continue to barely feed the artists they represent.

The current music climate in my homeland of Chicago (birthplace of House and original forms of current dance music), is a sad one, and most bars and what few clubs that are left do not understand or know how to capitalize on such artistic expression.  Sounds like a sad state huh?

Well despite this climate of indifference, the lack of social change within my community, and a well demonstrated lack of proper funding and income, I drudge on.  I firmly believe that one good mix can change a life, save a life, enhance a life, and definitely enrich all those that experience it.  I would love to be able to get ample compensation for the craft that has taken 20 years of my life (and subsequent portions of my income) to be able to fully realize.  After years of frustration, and “divorce”,  I realize that you can never quit on your TRUE love.

I’m not some altruistic moony-headed 60’s based flower child with an utterly utopian vision of how one track/mix and save the world. Nothing against those who have those beliefs, and God Bless them as they strive to achieve it.  However, I do believe in the power of a damn good pulsing bass line complete with a complex rhythmic structure that hits hard and drives relentless for hours and just leaves you breathless, sweaty, makeup everywhere, sore and ultimately joyous, fulfilled, and a sense of WOW, that was indescribable, yet you feel it in your bones, soul, heart, and mind for days after your initial listening, and for some reason you can’t seem to stop playing it, all the while going over certain parts of it, cause you missed this one the first time, or wait, where did that come from, I didn’t hear that before types of experiences.

With those explanations out of the way, here is what I can promise you that you will find in each and every single mix that I cast out into the deep abyss of the internet.

  1. 1)It will be at least ONE full CD length mix

  2. 2)It will be 100% duplicatable live

  3. 3)It isn’t a virtual multi-tracked masterpiece

  4. 4)If at all possible made from the promotional and white label vinyls/ cd singles

  5. 5)It will be recorded in ONE TAKE, ONE SHOT.  There might be slight or subtle abnormalities that are inherent in the mix, which might not be originally intended, yet in the final overall greater good work within the mix as a whole.  I’m certainly not perfect, and my mixes aren’t either.

  6. 6)You will not get something over processed, re-edited, mixed down, effects laden to hell, or otherwise not like what a live performance will generate.

  7. 7)A truly innovative approach

  8. 8)Some really deep and sometimes dark sub-sonic bass melodies and rhythms

  9. 9)Average bpm/temp of 140

  10. 10)Wide spread music catalog usage

  11. 11)Rare obscure and sometimes unheard of compositions

  12. 12)Blends that most times leave you wondering for over 20 minutes where one song ended

  13. 13)A damn good aural time

So with those thoughts, and a slight glimpse, I hope you are ready for the journey I am about to undertake. I hope this gains me more exposure, and recognition from WITHIN the community. Fame and fortune are niceties, but not necessary.  A legion of followers with some of the loosest necks on the planet IS.

Buckle up, buy a damn good subwoofer, alert the neighbors and the wife, and I look forward to you sharing me with your aerobic workout, morning jog, power lovemaking session, cleaning your house, or as the next big barn-burning house party you need to get started and turned into your next Paris Hilton-styled party.

Are you ready?  Let’s go

No worries, the strobe light is still lit to guide the way....

I’ll leave the light on for ya...
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